Programme first half of 2018 

    January18                Melanie Venes talk: The Selection Process, the design brief and presentation of submissions

    February15               Members' table top sale of surplus yarn and equipment and bring a project to work on. 

    March 15                  A personal approach to design: a talk by Brenda Parsons

    March 26 -31            Makers' Month at The Forum, Norwich. An opportunity to share our skills with the public.

    April 19                     The colour purple: a talk by Ros Wilson on the history and significance of this colour.

    April 21                     Saturday Workshop. Bring a project to work on for a sociable day with others.

    May 17                     Creating and spinning yarns that are a bit out of the ordinary: a session led by members Jenny and                                          Anna.

    June 23 and 24        Our 60th birthday celebrations. Saturday talk, reception and exhibition that continues into Sunday.